A Biography of Theodore Roosevelt an American President

A Biography of Theodore Roosevelt an American President

Theodore Roosevelt Biography

Theodore Roosevelt On October 27, 1858, in NY Martha Bulloch

Roosevelt gave birth to Theodore Roosevelt, her second kid and first son. He

was named after his daddy, Theodore Sr., and was occasionally called Thee or

Teedie as a nickname. He was a seventh era Roosevelt. As a kid and

throughout his life time, Theodore suffered from extreme asthma, becoming so

bad that they might almost suffocate him. His daddy, who refused to contain a

sickly child, would constantly carry him about, hoping that Theodore's lungs

would become stronger. Due to this, Theodore often admired his father

that would protect him. He'd follow the strenuous training regiments that

his father set on him to be stronger. He'd do weightlifting,

gymnastics, and any other activity that could give him endurance. Little by little, his

asthma decreased to lesser degrees. Theodore seldom went to school

because of his sickly aspect, so he was instructed by his Aunt Annie, that lived

with the family. He spent enough time reading, and will there be where he became


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