A Father and Child Gathering in The Reunion, a brief Story by John Cheever

A Father and Boy Gathering in The Reunion, a brief Story by John Cheever

“The Reunion” by John Cheever can be an emotionally effective report. The story was brief, but fit Poe’s objectives for a brief story well. The narrator, Charlie, commences the storyline by explaining that he's meeting his daddy, who he hasn't seen in 3 years, in NEW YORK for lunch. He includes a nervous and excited sense about him and the daddy and isn't sure what things to expect. Because his daddy has not been around since his father and mother separation, he's formal towards Charlie at the start. As the tale evolves, Charlie views his father’s true colors. Each goes from restaurant to cafe, and his daddy is rude and becomes a lot more intoxicated, as he drinks along the way. After multiple eating places, Charlie finally announces he's out of period and must capture his coach. His father offers to get him a newspaper, and treats the person at the newsstand badly as well. Charlie, disappointed along with his father's activities, finally leaves, seeing his dad going back time. The narrator’s disappointment is apparent by the end of the short report.

Charlie clearly comes into metropolis with high expectations. When he discovers how his father genuinely is, he's disappointed. Initially, not


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