An Analysis of this issue of the idea of They and the problems of the Prescription drugs and Violence

An Analysis of this issue of the idea of They and the problems of the Medicines and Violence

We've all seen them before. Probably at a bus end, in our academic institutions, or at the restaurant. "They" appear odd enough to frighten a circus clown, but also for some reason, they generally smile when you appear their approach. Perhaps it's that their hair may be the color of the sunset or that their pants look like they could house hold a little family. Maybe their headphones seem to be permanently glued with their ears and that they are never scared to groove on the sidewalk. Whatever the reason why, you know that "they" aren't quite normal. You might call them "freaks," or "punks," or just "those crazy kids." But in the event that you did, you would be misled for "they" are not you're average teenagers, simply no, "they" are ravers.

Before we head out any further, I think I will first of all dispel some rumors and alleviate your mind of the mental poison that must definitely be sweeping through it. What do you imagine of when you notice the term rave? Drugs? Hoodlum youngsters running amuck? Noisy music that inhibits the complete community's sleeping practices? Violence? The dictionary defines the term "rave" as a numerous sum of things, such as for example "an act or example" or the verb "to talk to extreme enthusiasm," but that is one circumstance where Webster offers it all wrong. What's the true classification of a rave? Normally, a rave is merely a dance party where guests experience a feeling of camaraderie and elevated consciousness through the occurrence of music. This implies there is an abundance of dance expression, interaction with different such ravers, and a positive disposition change. Even though there are occasionally drugs involved, there is


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