An Argument Against Homosexuality in The Traveler by Antal Szerb

An Argument Against Homosexuality in The Traveler by Antal Szerb

Homosexuality has always and almost everywhere existed. Nazis considered homosexuality

as a tendency that cannot be changed. It had been assumed a homosexual orientation could

not be eliminated, that simply its exhibitions could possibly be blocked. The Nazi program was concerned

with deviations from the norm, not merely in religious beliefs and ethnicity, but also sexuality, and

attitudes toward it. Within the Nazis' try to purify German contemporary society and create an

"Aryan master competition," they condemned homosexuals as socially eccentric.

Antal Szerb took a big risk posting such a controversial novel. The Traveler contains

many sexual elements which can obviously be observed why it aggravated the Nazis into executing

him. In his days and nights, theoretically, the economical system was seen as a the state’s plan to

control the economy and an individual party held vitality. Their goal was to create everybody equal.

If it become color, race, religious beliefs, or belief; no one was to vary. Even if his life style did

not reflect his novel, Antal Szerb jeopardized his existence and career using what he wrote.

One of the styles in this novel was homosexuality. A dichotomous issue right now,


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