An Bank account of the Football Video game between your Eagles and the Saints, from Alabama

An Bank account of the Football Video game between your Eagles and the Saints, from Alabama

We were at Wild Turkey Stadium, it had been Senior Nights. The Eagles were all set to

play, and fight with all their might. The night time was chilly, there is tension in

the air. The Saints were rather nervous, because they stepped into our lair. The

crowd joins the team on the discipline, as Leigh yells В“Triumph Line!В” Everyone

is anxious, it really is almost game period. There wasnВ’t any question, in the minds of

the team. Corey declared in the fieldhouse, he previously had another dream. The

Eagles won the coin toss, we made a decision to get. The Saints kicked the soccer,

Clint caught it with ease. He ran without stopping, centered on the zone. Justin

blocked the powerful Saints, all by himself. The Eagles help to make a touchdown, and

the kick is very good. The supporters all celebrate, just because they should. As halftime

nears, the Saints are adding a fight. They obtained a touchdown, finally doing

something right. Halftime is finally right here, our Eagles have a break. The

dance-team comes on the discipline, Lauren is dancing wonderful. As the 3rd quarter

begins, Mandy starts a cheer. The


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