An Examination of the Geography of Greenland, a Region Northeast of Canada

An Examination of the Geography of Greenland, a Nation Northeast of Canada


The geography of Greenland is pretty ironic considering its brand. Greenland is

Located in the northern part of THE UNITED STATES. It is between your Arctic Ocean and the

North Atlantic Sea, northeast of Canada. Greenland’s area is approximately 2,715,600 square kilometers. Its location is slightly a lot more than 3 times how big is Texas. It's the greatest island on the globe. It is also generally by the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay and from Iceland on the east, by the Denmark Strait.

Greenland’s terrain is smooth to a little by little sloping icecap. It addresses everything but

a narrow, mountainous, rocky coastline. It’s climate has amazing summers and very cold

winters! During the summertime in the southern component of Greenland, the common

Temperature is 48° Fahrenheit. The weather of Greenland is normally dry. Folks have

lived on Greenland for approximately 5, 000 years, the initial belonging to what exactly are called the

Independence I, Saqqaq, and Independence II cultures. Greenland may be the source of

many weather changes in the Northern Hemisphere. Their natural assets include

Zinc, lead, iron ore, coal, gold, platinum, uranium, seafood, seals and whales. The

mammals include


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