An Research of the Novel Who Has got Seen the Wind By W.O. Mitchell, Brian OConnell on the Tremendous Hunger

An Research of the Novel Who Provides Seen the Wind By W.O. Mitchell, Brian O'Connell on the Tremendous Hunger

From the time folks are born, until they die, it is merely an all natural thing to

want to keep studying their life and figure out why these were put on

this earth. From the start of life, infants want to touch and

experience everything around them. Through the entire novel, Who Offers Seen the Wind

by W.O. Mitchell, Brian O'Connal has determined himself with a significant hunger to

discover the real meaning of life. Obviously, then, Brian always looks for new

ways to understand about the universe he lives in. Among the things that Brian shows

an interest in is God. Brian would like to meet Him, being unsure of that God is

something that can't be seen, for He's a spirit. Brian would state "Lets go

over to his place"(7). Through the entire novel, Brian appears to be looking for God.

He has his very own image of God in his mind's eye, convinced that "God rides the vacuum

cleaner"(31). Brian learns the reality about God from different persons like his

parents, Saint Sammy, Mr. Hislop, his grandma, and his close friends. He discovers

that God


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